About Maywah Foods Inc

Indian Spices & Vegetarian Snacks Producer in Canada

Mission: Providing high-quality healthy food products using our traditional family recipe that allow our consumers to live healthy, enjoyable, and tasteful lives.

Vision: Becoming a top leader in healthy food products in North America and further expanding our product selection of healthy food products.

Maywah Foods Spices

Legacies in our Ancient Recipes

Founded in 1989, Maywah Foods Inc. has been a family-owned business with deep roots beginning in exotic Guyana. Gladys Maywah started this business from her home in Guyana where everything from processing to packaging was done manually. After the tragic passing of her husband, Gladys Maywah sold spices such as Garam Masala at local markets to support and provide for her children. As her flavourful spices became more noticed by more people, she started the business of selling a variety of spices which she named after her late husband “Maywah.” Because of this, she also developed the nickname of “Masala Queen” from those who knew her and tasted her spices. Today, her 3 sons continue on her business and legacy by continuing to provide consumers with the same amazing taste and high-quality spices and are further expanding the Maywah Foods Inc., legacy.

Gladys Maywah, also known as the “Masala Queen”, has perfected this art over the last 30 years.
She wants to share with you her creation.

Maywah Foods Inc.

Finest-Quality product line

Maywah Foods Inc. is committed to providing consumers with the finest quality products, which includes a line of spices and snacks. Our spices are imported from fertile fields from around the world such as Canada, parts of South Asia including India and Indonesia, and South America. Spices imported are blended using an ancient secret family recipe handed down from generation to generation. The special blend of spices in each package follows an ancient secret recipe - a recipe handed down from generation to generation. It is an important part of Maywah Foods’ values to continue making products with our ancient recipe as we are committed to keeping it as the main part of our quality in this industry.

Maywah Foods Inc. is also committed to providing our consumers with a line of healthy snacks that are full of flavour and have the perfect combination of spices. Our line of snacks includes Spicy Dhal Sticks (sal-seow), Roasted Chickpeas, and Plantain Chips. Maywah Foods snack line provides consumers with healthy and tasty food products that are ideal for all occasions. All snacks are made from traditional recipes and made with the perfect amount of our high-quality spices.

Advancement in USA

With a new facility and equipment operating in Apr 2008, Maywah looks to streamline its already successful ventures and spearhead growth in many more cities. We at Maywah Foods Inc., are continuously improving our processes to provide our consumers with the high-quality products they love. Our vision is to become a great food manufacturer in Canada and the United States along with developing our market and adding more items to our line of products.

Maywah Foods Inc.

The use of Maywah Foods Incs., products have been featured by many famous figures. Maywah Foods’s Curry Powder and Garam Masala has been used and featured by Culinary Ambassador Chef Devan. Additionally, Actor and influencer – Sitara Hewitt has featured Maywah Foods Garam Masala, along with Maywah Foods famous Sal-Seow on her social media platforms.

Maywah Foods Inc., products are typically found in West and East Indian Stores across North America, predominantly in Toronto, New York, and Florida. Our products can also be purchased directly from us on our website or contacting us directly. For our Canadian consumers, Maywah Foods Inc., products can now be purchased on Amazon.ca.

At Maywah Foods Inc., we are committed to providing our consumers with the finest-quality ingredients from around the world. Our process of preparing our spices is done through an intricate and traditional system of procuring, cleaning, roasting, milling, blending, and packaging our spices.

  • Procurement

    Our raw and organic spices are sourced and harvested from fertile fields of the world such as Canada, parts of South Asia including India and Indonesia, and South America. Quality control for our spices begins as early as our procurement stage where we guarantee the use of only the finest-quality spices.

  • Cleaning and Sterilizing

    Once the spices have been imported, they are cleaned of any organic and inorganic impurities before processing. From procurement to packaging, we enforce strict quality control of our spices at all stages to ensure product safety. 

  • Drying and Roasting

    The cleaned spices are then dried and hand-roasted in small batches at a high temperature. The perfection of our spices, largely depends on this stage of drying and roasting our spices to at the right temperature to bring out the spices hidden aroma and unique flavor.    

  • Grinding and Milling

    Spices are then carefully and precisely milled to allow the spices to retain the perfect amount of natural color, and flavour. Our traditional method of grinding spices allows for the preservation of volatile oils in spices that are essential in maintaining flavour and color.

  • Blending

    Once grinded, the spices are then blended with an ancient family recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation. When blending our spices, we make sure to precisely measure each ingredient to ensure we are creating premium blends made with the finest-quality ingredients.

  • Packaging

    We use moisture-proof packaging, of a variation of sizes, to ensure the retention of freshness, flavour, and aroma of all products. Each set of spices are precisely packaged to ensure quality control for consumers

Quality Control

Our process of quality control is exercised from the beginning to end in the procurement and packaging of our spices to guarantee product consistency and the finest-quality products for our consumers. At each step leading up to the end of the processing and packaging of our spices, multiple tests are conducted for ground and whole spices to guarantee top-quality product.

Maywah Foods Inc.

Maywah Foods Inc. offers Indian Grocery Delivery Service across Brampton, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Toronto, Canada, and Queens, New York, Florida.